Will you help Amanda?

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A Mother’s Day gift for every mom God brings to Good Counsel

No young girl should ever have to live through what Amanda experienced . . . Pregnant and living on the street at 18—scared, shivering, starving, struggling to survive the winter, living in a storage container.

Amanda tried all the shelters in the area. At each she was told, “Sorry. No room.”By God’s grace, she came across the phone number for Good Counsel’s 24-hour helpline. She made the call at 1 A.M. Your love intervened! A dedicated staff member drove more than 2 hours through the night to rescue her.

Desperate young women like Amanda are the reason I established Good Counsel. I give my life to this cause because there are so many like her in need. For their sake, I ask for your help again today—

Would you please send the most generous gift you can offer to provide help and hope for the moms and babies in Good Counsel’s seven homes?


Your special Mother’s Day Gift will allow me to keep caring for all the moms and babies that God has brought to us, and to welcome more moms like Amanda, who will need our help tomorrow.

Please give right now. Help me say yes to the next Amanda who calls Good Counsel’s 24-hour helpline. As often as the phone rings, you’re helping make sure a struggling mom finds the help she needs.

Thank you. God bless you.


Christopher Bell

Hope for moms and their babies!

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