Please Share Mother’s Day with a Good Counsel Mom

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Dear Friend,

For moms in our care like Carina, this Mother’s Day is full of firsts… It’s the first time she’ll celebrate as a mom, lovingly holding her precious baby boy. It’s the first time in her entire life she’ll find herself in a safe, secure place to live. And it’s the very first time she can see a healthy, happy future for her and her new son.

You see, Carina spent most of her life in and out of foster care – moving from home to home with no stable family. She came to us scared and alone after finding herself to be pregnant with no one to turn to.

Thanks to you, we were able to welcome Carina.

Today Carina is surrounded by a loving Good Counsel family, who is helping her to build the skills she’ll need for a new life. She now has a job, and she’s learning how to budget for a family while making smarter choices from the food she eats to the way she raises her little one.

None of Carina’s success would be possible without you! Please send a Mother’s Day gift today, so we can work together to change the life of another mom and baby.

Your gift will rescue pregnant women who are in crisis right now and have nowhere else to turn to.

Please give another mom a first Mother’s Day filled with new life and hope. I promise that every dollar you send will be used to support Life!

Thank you and God bless you.

Christopher Bell
President of Good Counsel
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