Chloe & Good Counsel, Partners for Life

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Chloe Kodrich and her family, this year’s honorees at Good Counsel’s Ball for Life, are tireless advocates defending the life of the unborn, especially the unborn with Down Syndrome.  Currently, in the United States, roughly three-quarters of women who receive a Down Syndrome prenatal diagnosis choose to abort their baby.[1] In some countries such as Iceland, children with Down Syndrome will soon be “eradicated,” and it is decried a victory.

Chloe Kondrich and her family worked to pass the Down Syndrome Prenatal Education Act, or “Chloe’s Law,” in the state of Pennsylvania, requiring medical professionals to provide accurate information after a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis.  They are also busy working to promote the current legislation in Pennsylvania regarding Down syndrome – a bill which would outlaw abortions based on a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Chloe Kondrich and her family and Good Counsel are true partners in protecting the unborn.  Here’s a short video from the Ball for Life.  Chloe was an absolute joy at the Ball!

On September 15th of this year, Chloe will be featured in National Down Syndrome Society’s Times Square video presentation that kicks off Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October. The video presentation will be followed by the 24th Annual Flagship Buddy Walk in New York City. This year, Buddy Walk events will be held in more than 275 cities across the country, as well as select international locations, in and around October with over 325,000 people participating around the globe. For information about the NDSS Buddy Walk Program, visit or call 800-221-4602.


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