In desperate need, she’s asking, “How can I keep my baby alive?”

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Will you help to prepare a home for Abigail and her baby!

Can you even imagine it? Your baby is born. The hospital prepares to discharge you and your precious little child, but you have nowhere to go.

It happened to Abigail. When she learned she was having a baby; her world came crashing down. Her husband didn’t want a baby. He turned on her, violently. She had to escape. She fled to a shelter for abuse victims. She was safe, but her baby wasn’t. The shelter couldn’t keep her-it wasn’t licensed to care for newborn babies.

As her due date approached, she worried: How will I keep my child warm? Fed? Clothed? Safe? How can I keep my child alive?

By God’s grace, Abigail heard about Good Counsel. When she left the hospital, she was able to bring her precious baby home to the safety and comfort of a Good Counsel home. And that was a very, very special day thanks to you.

That’s why I’m sending you this most important message I will write you all year.

Another lonely, frightened young mother will arrive at our doorstep tomorrow. Your gift today will offer her baby and her a safe and comfortable home—complete with a bed and a crib.  She will have soft blankets, bottles, diapers, books, and toys. You will give her baby the perfect start to life.

Will you please send an extra-generous gift today?

Your gift will make sure she and her baby are surrounded by love, a supportive family and receive everything a mom needs to get back on the path to independence and a brighter future for herself and her child.

Here, thanks to you, a young woman who has felt despair and rejection and the fear of uncertainty, will find provision, stability, and hope!

I’m grateful to you. Thank you for caring and giving so generously.




Christopher Bell

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