You Can Change Everything for a Mother & Child

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“Get out!” Deja’s grandma kicked her AND the precious baby growing inside her out of the house, leaving them both abandoned and rejected.  I cannot even imagine the hurt, confusion, and fear. And then the panic of being turned away at a shelter after shelter, because she was pregnant with a baby she loved and wanted to raise and care for. She needed a job, and stability, and the chance to make a good life for her baby.

By God’s grace, Deja found Good Counsel. Here, Deja found a loving home, healthy meals, clothing, diapers, and much needed practical classes to help her learn how to build a future for herself and her baby.

And when her baby arrives, childcare will be critical to helping Deja achieve her dream of being able to support herself and her baby.

This is why I’m turning to you today.

Childcare can change everything for the moms in our homes. Having dedicated, loving care right here, in the homes, allows mom’s like Deja to finish school, to maintain a job . . . to build a foundation for the future.

I need your help. It will take $112,500 this week alone to provide safe and loving childcare and other services in Good Counsel’s seven homes. Please give today to help us keep this vital program going for these mothers and their children.

Deja isn’t the only one who needs help today—and there will be another mom who will need our help tomorrow, who needs love, support, and guidance to make a new life for herself and her baby. Can she count on you?

Together, with your help, we can continue providing childcare for Deja’s baby—and all the other babies our Lord has brought into our care.  Thank you for always responding from a heart of compassion. God bless you.




Christopher Bell

Please give today to help us keep this vital program going for these mothers and their children.

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