You Can Provide Peace of Mind for Moms

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In 2017, 52% of moms residing in a Good Counsel home gained employment and 52% of moms achieved educational advancement.  Who cares for their babies when they go to work?  Who takes care of their older children while they further their education?  We do!  But, we can’t provide childcare without you!

You Can Change Everything for a Mother & Her Baby

Your support of our 2018 Childcare Appeal will allow mothers to get back on their feet, by completing their GED and gaining employment, while taking comfort in knowing their babies have the best of care. If childcare were not available for our moms, they would remain stagnant and leave Good Counsel without furthering their education and finding stable employment.  Childcare is absolutely critical to the mission of Good Counsel.

Will you provide peace of mind for our mothers while they take the steps toward a better life?

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