Matching Grant Doubles Your Donation Toward Work-Study Center in the Bronx

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Double your donation!

Good Counsel’s mission is to ensure the mothers we serve will leave us and successfully take the next best step toward a new, stable life for themselves and their children.  Toward this goal, Good Counsel has always offered Life Skills classes, case management, and spiritual guidance to every mother in our care.  We now have a chance to “upgrade” what we can provide in our Bronx home with an enhanced and much-needed space – a Work-Study Center!

To kick off the project, the William E. Simon Foundation has graciously awarded Good Counsel a $2,500 matching grant! For every donation toward this campaign, Simon will match it up to $2,500, which means Good Counsel will receive $5,000 toward the new Work-Study Center!


The Work-Study Center will house eight work-study locations for moms with close access to their new babies and older children.  While mom is studying or using a computer to look for and apply for jobs, they will be able to be nearby and see their babies in the new play space which will be a fun and safe environment.  Like most mothers who must multitask to accomplish what they need to during a day’s time, the moms at Good Counsel will have a clean, comfortable, well-equipped space to prepare for their new life and care for their children while doing so.

The project includes some construction and reconfiguring of the existing space, new flooring, and lighting, as well as proper heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.  The finished Work-Study Center will have eight computer workstations, four with new computers, and four study stations, bookshelves, and a small microwave and refrigerator.

The play area will be a bright and cheerful space complete with a large exploration rug, educational toys and books, two changing tables, painting supplies, and other items that will create a not just a play space for the babies and children, but an active, engaging area where the children can perform their own “work-study.”

Won’t you help us make the most of this generous matching grant? We can’t pass up $2,500!



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