A Christmas Video from Baby Tesla, Her Mom & Chris Bell

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The birth of a baby.

At the time they appeared to be another poor couple, without enough funds or influence to find decent lodging, or sympathy, because the young girl was pregnant, and so they wound up in a stable.

Today, we celebrate this poor, simple birth because we now know who this baby is: He is God With Us, Emmanuel, Jesus the Christ.  

Because Our Almighty, Eternal, All Holy God, Three-In-One, sent the Son to be one of us. 

Hallowed be Your Name, Our Father, and forever adored and worshipped.

But a baby!

No one could have imagined, designed, or made up such an incredible reality to show us that God’s ways are indeed not our ways.

Enjoying this day with family and friends, even sharing gifts because the greatest gift has already been given, we may be allowed to remember that our efforts, whether great or small, are but tokens compared to the infinite reality of Love Incarnate. Let us take this moment to ponder how truly awesome this is.

Our Creator became us, a creature, tiny, vulnerable, and helpless, not able to feed Himself, change Himself, speak for Himself or defend Himself.

Because of that, you and I, and lots of others, desire to help the smallest, most vulnerable, most helpless among us. We want to feed, change and speak in defense of these little ones.

We do these things because each little one is made in His image and likeness, right down to the hairs on small heads and toes on small feet.

A very blessed and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Love you,

Christopher Bell

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