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January 2019 - Good Counsel

Meet Angela, a Shining Example of What Love Can Do

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Angela and her daughter, Maite, beautifully exemplify the mission of Good Counsel! Angela has been a resident of Good Counsel for about a year and a half.  It is a bit longer than the average stay of most of the mothers we serve, but Angela came to us under dire circumstances at just 19-years-old with her newborn baby girl, Maite.

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Grateful for Good Counsel, Leah tells the crowd, “I am not a statistic.”

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On December 10, 2018, at the Father Benedict Groeschel Annual Award Dinner, there was dining and dancing and celebration.  One very special guest was at the dinner for an important reason.  Leah Marquis, along with her daughter Skylar, was there to bravely speak to the roomful of people about what Good Counsel has meant to her.  Standing right by her side were Tatyana & Dominque, two of the staff members who had been with her since she arrived at Good Counsel.

Leah began by telling how she found out she was pregnant and what happened next. “I didn’t tell my parents at first out of fear. At the end of February, I was at school and I called my parents to tell them I didn’t feel well. My mom suddenly asked me ‘are you pregnant?’ My answer was ‘yes.’ When I got home, I was told I either had to have an abortion or get out.”  Those were Leah’s options – abortion or being homeless… Read More

Please Welcome Good Counsel’s 1st Baby of 2019!

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And the count is on! In 2018, 51 babies were born into the Good Counsel family, that’s almost a baby a week!  Baby Boy Ren, born on January 17, 2019, resets the baby count to 1 for 2019.  At birth, Ren weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces, and was 21 inches long.  Ren and his mom are doing well and bonding.  2019 will be an awesome year for them!

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A Baby a Week in 2018!

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The numbers are in! There were fifty-one, that’s 51, babies born at Good Counsel in 2018!  We averaged one baby, one life, one soul – a week! How amazing is that?

Not only did 51 babies arrive in 2018 – but 51 moms had the full support of Good Counsel before, during, and after having their baby.  Some moms come to us just a few weeks along in their pregnancy.  Others arrive just in time for their baby to be born!

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