Happy Father's Day from Good Counsel

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At Good Counsel, we appreciate the many fathers who lovingly sacrifice to build healthy families and to help their local community.

Stable families headed by father and a mother are the bedrock of a healthy society.  Caring for homeless, single mothers, and their children are at the heart of the Good Counsel mission.  Sadly, the fathers of the children entrusted to our care are most often absent from their lives, or worse, abusive and violent.  Witnessing the absence of these fathers, however, does shine a light on the many fine men who support our work.  In essence, they are current day St. Joseph’s, foster fathers to our children, providing for the needs of the women and babies in our care with financial and spiritual support.  Witnessing these good fathers can help to break the cycle of single motherhood by offering an example of what a good father is and does.

To say thank you to the honorable men who you know that are, or have done, a great job in raising their family, will you consider a Father’s Day Gift to Good Counsel in their name?

Dedicate a Gift for Father's Day

There are also spiritual fathers, godfathers, and other men who, regardless of their state in life, have also shown to be wonderful caretakers of mothers and children. You may also recognize them as they too help all who cherish God’s gift of life.  This Father’s Day, we thank God for the many men who humbly and sacrificially give of themselves, and we pray that they will mentor many more for our next generation.

Please click here to donate and let us know whose name we should post as a Father’s Day Thank You!

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