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Please help – Winter Storm Stella Adds Urgency to 2017 Heating Campaign

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Dear Friend,

I just wanted to send all of our Good Counsel friends this very important update about our 2017 Winter Heating Appeal.

Winter Storm Stella means even bigger heating bills for Good Counsel homes and the urgency is dire.  You may have seen my important messages about Good Counsel’s 2017 Winter Heating Appeal.  Thankfully, a number of generous donors have already given more than $6,800 to date. However, since our campaign goal is $8,250, we still need to raise around $1,500 more.

Today all of our homes in New York and New Jersey are impacted by Winter Storm Stella. Fortunately, our moms and babies are warm and safe from the blizzard, thanks to all of those who have given to this year’s heating appeal. Read More

Abortion was her only option until…

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Lent is a time of compassion, mercy, and serving. Our Lord calls us to a ministry of “bringing the afflicted and the homeless into your house” (Isaiah 58:7 NAB).  And I have committed Good Counsel to that!

Here, a mother in need will find a warm and safe place, nutritious meals, and the tools and support she needs to become a great mother. Any time. Day or night.  Right now, in the dead of winter, there is a mother alone on the streets. No family. No friends. No support. No place to live. And she’s pregnant.

She thinks she only has one option: abortion. Read More

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Please Help Good Counsel With Heating Bills This Winter

Posted by | Feb 9, 2017 | No Comments

Last week I posted an important message about Good Counsel’s 2017 Winter Heating Appeal.  Thankfully, a number of generous donors gave right away, but I’m sorry to say we’re still short of our $8,250 campaign goal by more than $6,000.

Since the northeast is known to often have dangerously cold nights, putting the lives of many destitute mothers and their unborn babies at risk, Good Counsel continues its unwavering commitment to say YES to any pregnant mother in dire need. Read More

Help our moms and babies to be safe and warm this winter

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There is never a good time to be homeless and pregnant, and certainly the winter season is the WORST time!

In the northeast there are often dangerously cold evenings where both mother and baby’s health are at risk, and Good Counsel always strives to say YES to any pregnant mother in dire need.

During this winter season, Good Counsel has a goal to raise $8,250 for its Heating Campaign. That is what it costs to heat our five northern homes during these cold winter months. Can you please help our moms and babies to be safe and warm this winter? Read More

Partnering Changes Lives

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You know Good Counsel’s homes for pregnant moms and their children are open 24/7.  A woman in trouble at midnight can call and come in our door.  There is never a slow season. Every day, every week, every month, only with your help, Good Counsel staff is ready to change lives by caring for both the mother and child who enter one of our residences.

I thank God for you and that’s why I am asking you to consider becoming a Good Counsel Partner for Life.  You’ve already partnered with me in this ministry for mothers and babies. You’ve invested in life, giving desperate mothers a way to say “yes” to life for their babies.  But, today I am asking you to really make a concerted effort to change lives!

As a Good Counsel Partner for Life you will transform the life of a mother and child… every month. Read More

Our homes are at capacity – and growing!

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Dear Friend,

Without your generous financial support, 59 new babies would not have been celebrated at Good Counsel in 2016!  Your compassion helped their mothers choose LIFE. Were it not for your compassion and generosity, precious babies would never have been born.

When you give to Good Counsel, you’re welcoming a mom in crisis. You’re giving her the courage to deliver her baby. You’re making a place where she can nurture her newborn, learn to be a great mom, and become self-sufficient so that one day soon, she can step out on her own with her child. Read More

Good Counsel Needs $100K by December 31st

Posted by | Dec 22, 2016 | No Comments

Financial Update: Good News! Thanks to the generosity of many friends and donors, Good Counsel reached its $100,000 year-end goal.

2016 was a year filled with promise.

Good Counsel expanded into Alabama’s Gulf Coast, celebrated the birth of our 1,000th baby, and we opened a new, licensed, Daycare facility, “Genesis,” in the Bronx!

With all that we have accomplished I still need to come to you as we reach year’s end and ask for financial help. Otherwise we will be at risk to make significant cutbacks in 2017. Read More

Let there be room at the inn!

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Christmas is a most joyous and blessed season!  Unless you’re scared, alone, pregnant, and living on the street. Jennie can tell you, “Everything changed when I found out I was pregnant.” Her boyfriend kicked her out. Her father refused to help. She was begging to sleep on friends’ couches.

Your compassion opened Good Counsel’s doors to her.

I didn’t have a fancy place to offer her. Sometimes all we have is a bed in the chapel. Good Counsel’s homes are humble, maybe like the humble surroundings where Our Lord and His blessed Mother spent their first Christmas, “because there was no room for them in the inn.” (Luke 2:7) Read More

Our Turkey Isn’t Quite Ready Yet… we need your help!

Posted by | Nov 22, 2016 | No Comments

Get Into the Holiday Spirit & Join Good Counsel’s Stuff The Turkey Campaign

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, now is a great time to support Good Counsel’s Stuff the Turkey Campaign to help feed the 100 mothers and children inside our six homes. So far we have raised $2,625 which means we have $5,775 to go.  To keep updated on our turkey – click hereRead More

Our Turkey Needs More Stuffing!

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Are you getting excited for the holidays?  Good Counsel is and that is why we are conducting the Stuff the Turkey Campaign to help feed the 100 mothers and children inside our six homes!

Good Counsel survives on private donations to keep its doors open and to put food on the table.  Will you consider a tax-deductible gift right now to ensure that we will meet our $8,400 budget for the last two months of the year?  Read More

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