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Please Share Mother’s Day with a Good Counsel Mom

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Dear Friend,

For moms in our care like Carina, this Mother’s Day is full of firsts… It’s the first time she’ll celebrate as a mom, lovingly holding her precious baby boy. It’s the first time in her entire life she’ll find herself in a safe, secure place to live. And it’s the very first time she can see a healthy, happy future for her and her new son.

You see, Carina spent most of her life in and out of foster care – moving from home to home with no stable family. She came to us scared and alone after finding herself to be pregnant with no one to turn to. Read More

Will you help Amanda?

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A Mother’s Day gift for every mom God brings to Good Counsel

No young girl should ever have to live through what Amanda experienced . . . Pregnant and living on the street at 18—scared, shivering, starving, struggling to survive the winter, living in a storage container.

Amanda tried all the shelters in the area. At each she was told, “Sorry. No room.” Read More

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

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Dear Friend,

Real Love is sacrifice.

How sad this started off.

A rousing welcome of Hosannas, with the whole city laying branches before He entered; then, a few short days later, He was arrested. Have you ever felt on top of the world one moment and at the bottom the next? How many pregnant mothers, at one moment believing they are loved and protected suddenly, instantly find rejection?

Tried, convicted, sentenced condemned. Condemned for your belief, action, circumstances or thought. All of a sudden, He had not a friend in the world. Abandoned, quickly, has that happened to you? Certainly this has happened to many Good Counsel moms.

Beaten, beyond recognition. Pummeled, spat on, ridiculed, just for sport. Could you ever imagine how much worse? Imagine a young, pregnant woman told to get out, in the middle of the night, with nothing more than the clothes on her back, in the middle of a snowstorm.

All your wounds and bruises completely exposed.

How excruciating! How dark! How lonely! Your entire life utterly shattered.

Is life worth living? Is my baby’s life worth living?


From beyond the hissing, condemning curses comes this piercing, loud silence. Silence. Silence.

Cold, lonely inert dead silence.

. . . . . . . . .

Then comes the flash.

The Light.

A pulse of energy under the shroud.

The covering forever to hold the image of the split-second changing of everything.

Instant New Life. Birth!

A voice of hope. A warm welcome. A new door.

The joining of time and Eternity, of earth and Heaven, of now and forever. The moment of your new life. Opening the gates long shut. Taking off the locks of your soul.

Utterly shattered all that binds you to dust.

Alleluia! Alleluia! The Lord is Risen! You are Risen! Alleluia!

Your soul is risen. You believe.

Nothing can stop New Life. Love is Life Forever!

Good Counsel is God’s Love which is New Life Forever!

May you live the Resurrection every day of your life.

Thank you for helping to offer a Resurrection and new life for our mothers and babies.

Have a Blessed Easter,

Christopher Bell

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Father Benedict’s Good Friday Video for Good Counsel

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Dear Friend,

Several years ago, Good Counsel had the opportunity to chat with Father Benedict Groeschel, CFR, about several things including one of his favorite days of the year, Good Friday.

Father Benedict spent many years preaching at Good Friday Services but, as his health began to fade he was no longer able to do so.

Here in the last Good Friday reflection Father Benedict would make before his death in 2014, Good Counsel’s co-founder speaks about the importance of this day and how appreciative he is of all who support the work of Good Counsel. Read More

A Humble Easter Request

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Dear Friend,

As we prepare to enter the Sacred Triduum and get ready for Christ’s glorious resurrection, I have a humble request to ask of you…

Would you please consider making an Easter donation to support the moms and children of Good Counsel? Our pregnant mothers and I would certainly appreciate it. And I’m sure Our Lord would, too. Read More

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A New Beginning for Mothers & Babies this Easter

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The Life-Changing Power of the Resurrection

Victoria’s support system growing up consisted of counselors at the Department of Social Services. She had no family. No friends . . .

She found a boyfriend and hoped life would improve. But then she became pregnant—he left, and she was kicked out of the place she’d been living. Victoria had no idea how she’d survive, let alone have her baby. Be a mother? It seemed impossible. Read More

Please Keep Our Moms and Babies Warm and Safe

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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “March roars in like a lion…” Nothing could be more true this year as many states in the Northeast were hit by the Nor’easter this past weekend. And today Winter Storm Quinn is impacting the states where most of our Good Counsel homes are located.

Thankfully, none of our homes were damaged by this weekend’s storm. However, I still need help paying our winter heating bills, and this cold weather is a good reminder for us to share this important appeal. Read More

Thank You for Helping Us in 2017

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The mission of Good Counsel calls us to recognize…

“…that the dignity of God-given life, from the moment of conception, fosters a nurturing, safe, family environment, encouraging self-respect and independence for pregnant mothers and their children in a diverse community of all faiths and beliefs.”

Over the last year your gift has made the fulfillment of this Mission possible for hundreds of women and children in seven Good Counsel homes in four states.

Let me tell you about two of our moms. Read More

Merry Christmas from Christopher Bell & Good Counsel

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Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to People on Earth

May the dear Lord bless you and all whom you know and love.

On this most joyous of days when it seems the entire world remembers the birth of one baby born in a manger, may your heart be filled with peace and joy.

Just think of how this simple day unfolded to change every day.

Mary heard the Angel and believed.  Joseph saw in a dream and believed.  Magi saw a star and believed.

The Prince of Peace born in a place for animals.

O Lord we pray for Peace and Safety for each Mother, for each Child, for each Father,
O Lord we pray for Your Peace, a Peace the World cannot give nor understands.
We pray for Your Peace to reign in our hearts and in our families, in our nation and in our world.

We pray for Your Peace which came this Christmas morn.
A Peace of Humility, Service, Healing and Help.
My Peace I leave you, My Peace I Give you.

Let us take Your Peace.
Let us give Your Peace.

May Peace reign in your home.
May Peace guard your going and coming.
May Peace fill your heart.

O Lord, let us live in Your Peace and unity in accordance with Your Will
Who live and reign with God Our Father and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever. Amen.


Christopher Bell +
President of Good Counsel


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Urgent Need: $754k year-end shortfall – Please Help Us!

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URGENT NEED: Good Counsel needs $753,800 by December 31st or we’ll be forced to cut back on our services. Please Help!

Dear Friend,

68 babies (and counting!) were born into the Good Counsel family so far this year, and two more are due any day now. There have been 1,100 births since 1985. All 1,100 babies might not have made it if it weren’t for your seemingly endless and generous support of our mission to assist homeless, pregnant mothers who have nowhere else to go. And because of you, Good Counsel now has 7 homes established in 4 states, most recently in Alabama and Connecticut. Read More

Pregnant? Need assistance? We can help!Learn More