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Baby Boy Emmanuel Just Couldn’t Wait to See the World!

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Please join us in welcoming Good Counsel’s 1,179th baby since 1985!  Baby boy Emmanuel couldn’t wait for his due date, so he decided to come a little early at only 36 weeks, on May 21, 2019.  But his early arrival has not set him back at all, and he has kept up with maintaining his body temperature and sugar levels, so he’s doing great!  His mom, Nicole, is also doing well and is very happy to be able to embrace her son “with all the love, care, and support of her family and Good Counsel.

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There is Hope & Healing After Abortion – For Everyone

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Abortion is an insidious trauma, often causing lifetime damage to the post-abortive woman.  Abortion pain, regret, and trauma, however, do reach beyond the woman who has had an abortion.  More and more men are stepping forward looking for help and hope in processing their lost fatherhood due to abortion, whether they were part of the decision making, or perhaps coerced a woman to have an abortion.  There are also men suffering who had no idea until after the abortion was procured that they even had a son or daughter on the way.  Recently, it has become clear that siblings of aborted babies suffer as well; often, they are confused, hurt, and possibly angry.

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Thanks to You, Life May Bloom

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The 2019 Ball for Life was a smashing success!

The evening began with a Mass for Life at St Patrick’s Cathedral at 5:00 after which everyone headed to The Racquet & Tennis Club.  After posing on the red carpet for the Good Counsel paparazzi– our guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvre and perused the always popular jewelry auction.

After a delicious dinner, it was time to honor Dr. Anne Nolte, Co-Founder of the Gianna Center for Women’s Health and Fertility, who spoke about Advocating for Life, in Word and Deed.

The heart and highlight of the evening, however, was when Exodus Mom, Abigail, told the story of her journey to Good Counsel, while those in the audience hung on her every word. Read More

Jesus Christ is Risen!

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Mary of Magdala who must have been overwhelmed with grief and sorrow and fear and confusion, knowing she couldn’t even roll away the stone covering Jesus, still got up before dawn and went to the tomb. She acted!

Just act. When all is lost, and despair is all around the lesson here seems to be get up and do the next right thing, even if it appears to be beyond your ability to succeed. Mary of Magdala did and what a gift she was given. How incredible it was. The Gospel writers give her story differently yet she became the first evangelist to proclaim the tomb is empty! Read More

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Good Friday With Father Benedict

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Dear Friend,

Several years ago, Good Counsel had the opportunity to chat with Father Benedict Groeschel, CFR, about several things including one of his favorite days of the year, Good Friday.

Father Benedict spent many years preaching at Good Friday Services but, as his health began to fade he was no longer able to do so.

Here in the last Good Friday reflection Father Benedict would make before his death in 2014. In it, Good Counsel’s co-founder speaks about the importance of this day and how appreciative he is of all who support the work of Good Counsel. Read More

Springtime Brings Babies!

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It’s been relatively quiet around the Good Counsel homes lately as far as baby announcements, but it seems that’s about to change quickly! On Tuesday, April 16th, we welcomed Baby Girl Victoria, the 7th baby born at Good Counsel in 2019, but she’s the 1,171th baby we’ve welcomed since opening our doors in 1985.  Beautiful Victoria is a petite 6 pounds 7 ounces.  She and her mom are doing very well!  If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to our emails, so you don’t miss out on any breaking baby news to come! Read More

24 Hours from Homeless to Home

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Janay was 24-years-old, pregnant, and trying to care for her two older daughters on her own.  Because she was also homeless, she went to the Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (“PATH”) office.  To be accepted into a shelter or receive services, a person has to apply, meet a long list of criteria, prove that they have no one else who can help them including family members or friends who might have room but also pose a danger to a pregnant woman with two small children.  On its website PATH describes the process in part… Read More

Grateful for a Room of Her Own

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Abigail and her 1-month-old daughter Arianah entered the Good Counsel Riverside home in the summer of July 2017.  Abandoned by her abusive husband, Abigal was left to fend for herself and her baby girl with no money, no shelter, and no hope for the future. When she was welcomed into the home, Abigal expressed that she was especially grateful for a room of her own.  A space for herself and Arianah made her feel safe and cared for after the horrors she had faced with her husband. Read More

From Homeless to Belle of the Ball

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Since Good Counsel opened in 1985 for homeless, pregnant mothers in need, over 7,800 women have found their way to us.  Each mother has a story.  Most are sad, some heartwrenching, but every so often the divine providence that brings a mother to us is revealed in a way that reminds all of us why we do what we do and that there is always… always, hope.

At the 2019 From the Heart Ball, a mother from one of our homes held the attention of every person in a swanky NYC ballroom as she stood at the podium and told her story.  Before she found Good Counsel, Katrina told the audience she was “hopeless enough to think that no life for my baby would be better than a life with me.” Read More

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