During this Month of March Good Counsel Homes Turns 30

Some Accomplishments:

  • We have had approximately 900 babies born to Good Counsel mothers
  • We have assisted more than 6,500 mothers and children
  • Good Counsel has provided more than 600,000 nights of shelter
  • We have counseled over 30,000 callers on our 24/7 National Helpline
  • Good Counsel has assisted in the opening of 9 similar crisis pregnancy homes in 8 different states

Currently, Good Counsel operates five homes, three in the New York City greater metro area, one in Staten Island, and one outside of Camden, New Jersey. We are the largest private program for homeless mothers in the United States.

Good Counsel demonstrates that the cycle of poverty can be broken, and a crisis pregnancy can be a healing experience, leading a homeless mom toward a more prosperous, healthy, and spiritual life.

Mission Statement: Good Counsel is a family for those in need, serving God who is the Father of the Orphan, defender of the widow, and who gives the lonely a home to live in. (Psalm 68). Our Lord’s call to serve the disadvantaged compels us to offer love, shelter, and the opportunity to grow in self-respect and independence. We invoke the patronage of Mary, Our Lady of Good Counsel, to help us protect mothers in need and to love their children from the moment of conception.