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Pregnancy Help For The Pandemic & Abortion Epicenter

With Special Guests:


Please Join Us For A Free Online Event and Discover How You Can Help Pregnant Mothers in Crisis During COVID-19 – From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

From the safety and comfort of your home, learn how you can bring pregnancy help to New York City – the COVID-19 epicenter and abortion capital of the country.

Learn how – in the midst of Covid-19 challenges – Good Counsel has kept open the doors of our four homes, and how you can make a life-changing difference for our mothers during this crisis.

Join our free, online event on Wednesday, May 27th at 7 PM EDT. Special guests include Kevin Sorbo (starred in God's Not Dead, Hercules and Soul Surfer) and Fr. Gerry Murray (Pro-life Catholic Priest, EWTN Papal Posse Analyst, and Canon Lawyer).

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During This Free Event, You’ll Be:

  • Inspired by Kevin Sorbo, Fr. Gerry Murray, and other surprise guests.
  • Educated about Good Counsel’s unique, open-intake, pregnancy help that cares for mothers and unborn babies–even now amidst the current Coronavirus lockdown.
  • Equipped and empowered to make an even greater life-saving impact in the abortion capital of the nation – changing the course of history.
  • Given the tools to impact the Culture of Life and to expand the Kingdom of God.
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About Our Special Guests

Kevin Sorbo
Actor, Author, Director & Producer
  • Starred in Hercules, God’s Not Dead, and Soul Surfer.
  • Directed Let There be Light, Miracle in East Texas, and more.
  • Promotes Christian values offering faith, hope and sacrificial charity.
  • Most importantly, lives his faith with his wife of 22 years and 3 children.
Fr. Gerry Murray
Pastor, EWTN Papal Posse, TV Commentator, Canon Lawyer
  • Strong pro-life advocate in the Archdiocese of New York.
  • Makes frequent appearances on EWTN and other major media.
  • Currently presides over Holy Family Church in New York City.
  • Doctor of Canon Law. Served as a US Naval Reserve Chaplain.

Please Join Us for an Evening of Inspiration

Wednesday, May 27th

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