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Pregnant? Need Help?

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Since 1985 we’ve helped more than 8,000 homeless women and children move from a crisis situation to receive concrete help and build a brighter future.

What started as an unexpected encounter between Chris Bell and a young, homeless mother in New York City, has grown into a group of maternity homes called Good Counsel.

Please join us as we continue to help many pregnant mothers in great need while building a culture of life!

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We Provide Much More Than a Shelter to Our Moms and Babies

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Thanks to the Help of Many Friends and Supporters

8,200+ Mothers & Children Helped

The number of homeless mothers and children we’ve provided shelter and support to since 1985 has been more than 8,200.

1,346 Babies Born

Since 1985, 1,346 babies have been born to mothers living at Good Counsel homes. We’ve welcomed 42 new babies in 2023 and 20 more in 2024.

Over 774,607 Nights of Shelter

Over 774,607 days of help and nights of shelter have been provided to homeless mothers and their children.

86% Employment

The average occupancy in our homes since 2023 has been 86%.

49,000+ Calls to Our 24/7 Helpline

More than 49,000 people have been assisted through our 24/7 helpline since it began in April 1996.

54% Educational Advancement

Since 2018, 54% of our residents have achieved educational advancement.