Pregnant? Need Help?


Priceless is a baby’s life. Priceless is a smiling mother. Especially after she was homeless, depressed, and much worse before finding Good Counsel. Thanks to our many friends and supporters, miracles do happen!

While you can count the number of births in our homes, how do you measure the effect that each birth has on the mother, her family and friends, not to mention all of the volunteers, supporters and associates who celebrate the joy of each new life here at Good Counsel?

You can count the number of our Life Skill classes, but how do you measure how important it is for one new mom to learn how to parent her first child? Does it matter if one of our moms develops new skills in using the Internet? It might be invaluable for her future employment in this age of rapidly changing technology.

Maybe only God can appreciate the impact on the world of a child laughing and playing in one of our homes.

Keeping all of this in mind, here are some of our accomplishments.

8,200+ Mothers & Children Helped

The number of homeless mothers and children we’ve provided shelter and support to since 1985 has been more than 8,200.

1,346 Babies Born

Since 1985, 1,346 babies have been born to mothers living at Good Counsel homes. We’ve welcomed 42 new babies in 2023 and 20 more in 2024.

Over 774,607 Nights of Shelter

Over 774,607 days of help and nights of shelter have been provided to homeless mothers and their children.

57% Employment

Since 2018, 57% of our residents have gained employment.

49,000+ Calls to Our 24/7 Helpline

More than 49,000 people have been assisted through our 24/7 helpline since it began in April 1996.

54% Educational Advancement

Since 2018, 54% of our residents have achieved educational advancement.

86% Occupancy

The average occupancy in our homes since 2023 has been 86%.

14,148 Counseling Sessions

In 2018 mothers received 14,148 professional one-on-one counseling sessions with their Case Managers.

New Maternity Homes

Good Counsel has helped to establish 9 maternity homes in 8 states.