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5 Ways You Can Support a Maternity Home from Your Home

Samantha Elbertson
Samantha Elbertson
March 19, 2022

If you’re passionate about the pro-life movement, but don’t have time to volunteer at a local maternity home or crisis pregnancy center, there are still plenty of ways you can get involved from home. By sharing your time, talents, or treasure, you can help care for pregnant women who have decided to keep their babies.

Here are five ways you can support a maternity home from your own home to help women in need through their pregnancies.

1. Become a Social Media Advocate

One easy way to support the mission of a maternity home is by becoming a social media advocate. By using Facebook, Instagram, emails, and other social media sites, advocates can let friends and family know about the inspiring work a maternity home is doing.

Share recent news and upcoming events from a maternity home to spread awareness of its mission and accomplishments. Get started by following a home on Facebook or Instagram. Don't forget to remain positive when sharing! Nobody wants to hear an angry rant or feel attacked.

2. Pray

When it comes to supporting a maternity home or local crisis pregnancy center, many people might think of donating money or their time. Yet, did you know that one of the best things you can do is pray? Prayer doesn't take much time or money, but it is one of the most powerful resources for a maternity home.

When you pray, you’ll not only be lifting up every single person at the maternity home and all those whom they serve, but you'll also be helping in other ways that you might never know in this life. Prayer can provide wisdom to those making important decisions for the organization. It can also help change a pregnant mother's heart so she chooses life for her child and contacts the maternity home for help.

3. Volunteer Remotely

If you’re looking to be involved with a pro-life home, but can’t travel to one in person, consider volunteering remotely. Call or email maternity some homes and ask if they need help with important tasks or projects that can mostly be done remotely.

You can also find ways to lend your specific skill set. Some homes need help with writing letters to local politicians; others may have a need for arranging speaking engagements at local churches to build more awareness for their mission. Find your niche and look for maternity homes that can use your help. If you know how to do something specific—marketing, graphic design, or event planning—offer those services as well!

4. Donate

Another way to support a maternity home is by donating funds for their mission. Since maternity homes are non-profit organizations, there’s usually no shortage of demands that need addressing. And since most maternity homes rely heavily on volunteers, donations can be directed towards areas of greatest need. For example, if you want to help out with medical expenses, donate to your local maternity home’s medical fund. If they need clothing for new mothers and their babies, donate money or supplies instead. Donations will always be appreciated at any time of year, but especially around holidays when the need may become greater than usual. 

5. Fundraise

In addition to a personal donation, you can also set up a fundraiser online. Websites such as Fundly or some other crowdfunding site provide an easy way to create your own fundraising page that can be shared with family and friends. The money raised can then be sent to the maternity home of your choosing.

Also, in lieu of birthday or Christmas presents, consider asking your family and friends to make donations to your local maternity home. For example: "Instead of buying me gifts for my birthday, please donate $10 per month (or more if you’re able) to help support the mothers and babies at [Name of Maternity Home]."


Maternity homes continue to provide many critical services to help mothers and their babies, and we should support them as much as possible. However, there are obstacles that make it difficult for some to directly support a maternity home, including distance and financial constraints. Fortunately, you can still support a maternity home from your own home. Reach out to one today and see how you can help! The more people become aware of maternity homes and the unique services they provide, the better chance they have of  surviving and continuing to provide valuable, life-giving services.

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