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A Baby a Week

Samantha Elbertson
Samantha Elbertson
April 27, 2023

Praise God! At Good Counsel we are blessed to announce our 17th baby born this year. That's an average of one new birth per week. How amazing is God? Every child born to a Good Counsel home is one precious life that almost wasn't; a son or daughter, brother or sister, niece, nephew, best friend that was at risk of being aborted before they even had a chance to breath outside of the womb.

Every child born is also a sign of new life for a woman at Good Counsel. A fresh start with a fresh purpose. Moms at Good Counsel are given opportunities and guidance to overcome their past and the skills and faith to forge a new path. A woman can break the cycle of poverty, abuse, neglect, and homelessness. Simple support like diapers, food and childcare mean moms can focus on education and obtaining a career, ensuring stability and a foundation for future generations. The impact of a single life is exponential and only God knows that ripple effect. Life is love.

Please pray for these 17 new souls and their mothers:

1. Noah, born January 3

2. Thiana, born January 14

3. Elijah, born January 21

4. Alberto, born January 25

5. Cedric, born January 31

6. Ronnie, born February 12

7. Noah, born February 21

8. & 9. Boy/Girl twins, born February 28

10. Soroya, born March 12

11. Kylil, born March 19

12. Zuri, born March 22

13. Shatik, born April 5th

14. Tyreke, born April 12

15. Kailan, born April 12

16. Rylan, born April 15

17. Maximus, born April 20

All of us at Good Counsel would like to thank you for your support and prayers. Because of your generosity we are able to hold the hand of every pregnant woman who comes to us through their pregnancy, delivery and postpartum bonding. And with your continued support, 17 tiny new lives so far this year are growing up safe and strong and loved not only by their mothers, but by Good Counsel house managers, resident advisors and child care professionals whom work selflessly in each of our homes setting the foundation for each child.

We know that these early days, weeks and months can be crucial in making sure children are not just properly nourished, but truly thriving. After a period of bonding, mothers ease back into their own lives. They are continuing education, applying for jobs and learning new skill sets essential for home ownership and parenting.

Please keep in your prayers all of Good Counsel's mothers, currently 29 reside in our homes, and pray for all our babies, especially these new additions. Pray for them regularly, and consider a recurring donation to support mothers and children pregnant, parenting and in need.

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