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A Baby a Week in 2018!

Tricia A. Christ
Tricia A. Christ
January 17, 2019

The numbers are in! There were fifty-one, that's 51, babies born at Good Counsel in 2018!  We averaged one baby, one life, one soul - a week! How amazing is that?

Not only did 51 babies arrive in 2018 - but 51 moms had the full support of Good Counsel before, during, and after having their baby.  Some moms come to us just a few weeks along in their pregnancy.  Others arrive just in time for their baby to be born!

There are many different stories and circumstances that bring these brave, homeless mothers to our door, but the goal is to have one story when they leave Good Counsel.  The goal is that they are healthy, their baby is healthy, they've furthered their education, they've gotten a job, they are indepdnent and in control, and ready to take the next best step for themselves and their family.

We are so very grateful for the enduring and faithful prayers and support that bless our mission every year.  Enjoy the pictures of just some of the babies we were blessed to welcome this past year!

If you would like to help homless, pregnant mothers in need, please click here for more information.

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