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A Beautiful Miracle at the Abortion Clinic Door

Tricia A. Christ
Tricia A. Christ
March 10, 2018

Choosing Life & Becoming an R.N.

Today Good Counsel celebrates its 33rd Anniversary. As a way of expressing our deepest gratitude to God and all of our friends, supporters and staff that have made our mission possible, here is an inspirational story about one of our moms who turned her life around.

Dolly was six months pregnant and about to enter an abortion clinic. Directly above the abortion clinic was a pro-life ministry. It was there that Dolly, “met this beautiful lady and she told me we have an organization that can help you with your baby… Good Counsel."

Right away Dolly was welcomed into a Good Counsel home where she was met with love, support, guidance, and hope when she had nothing and no way to support herself and her baby.  Dolly stayed at Good Counsel for a year and a half to complete her plan to reach her goals and move on to a new life with her son. Watch this video to see Dolly's inspiring story.

Dolly’s dream was to become an R.N. The house mangers and staff encouraged her to not give up on this.  A volunteer who was also pregnant, along with a physician, encouraged Dolly to fulfill her dream by going back to school and getting her degree.

Dolly was in this country alone while her family was in Nigeria.  The distance didn’t prevent the house managers from bringing on her mother’s support via telephone.  House Manager, Nanette, would often speak with Dolly’s mother on the phone and ensure her that she was taking good care of her baby and her baby’s baby. Dolly had a global support system!

Dolly said that Good Counsel doesn’t “just help you when you’re having a baby, they help you to return to life.”  Exodus moms like Dolly often stay in close touch with the staff after they leave Good Counsel, calling for advice or just to check in from time to time.  Sometimes they stop by the home with their children providing a beautiful example to the current residents of what is possible.

Dolly’s path to Good Counsel’s door was not an easy one, but now with her R.N. degree from Eastern University, the path before her is paved with confidence and hope.

If you would like to help more mothers like Dolly, homeless, pregnant mothers on their way to the abortion clinic, please click here.  With your help we can tell each mother there is another way and we are here to help.

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