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A Christmas Reflection for Your Life

Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell
December 23, 2022

Dirt poor.

That’s literally how Jesus was born.

Not in his own home. Not in a proper place where travelers lodge.

With animals. If you’ve walked into a barn or stable, what hits you first is the smell: Powerful, Overwhelming.

God, who knows all, knew where Jesus would be born. Why, you might ask, would Almighty God choose this for the Son of God?

Along with you, helping mothers and babies who may be similarly displaced, and sometimes in even more violent situations like domestic violence, my simple conclusion is: God wanted this to show every single birth is infinitely valuable.

God wanted this?

God wanted to emphasize no matter how poor, no matter how disabled or unwanted by mother or father, still every single birth is absolutely exceptional.

In our nation, where we have the most advanced medical technology in human history, when faced with a challenge, good medicine and good science seek to heal. Even with mistakes made, we try again.

Those who are less able, often give able-bodied persons the opportunity to show greater love and compassion, and the opportunity to be challenged to do more.

On this day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus and are filled with increased joy and peace being with family and friends, let’s not forget the deeper meaning of Jesus’ poor birth.

If we aren’t feeling particularly joyful or peaceful, for whatever reason, we might be drawn even more to Jesus’ lowly birth.

Please pray for our moms and babies at Good Counsel who are now in a warm, safe place receiving gifts this day from many generous donors.

The generosity continues, and if you wish to help us meet our Matching Challenge Grant, we’re more than halfway there, and you can give now.

This month several donors put together a $150,000 challenge-matching gift. That means every gift given until the end of the year – next week – will be doubled. We only need $80,250 more to make this match. Every dollar counts!

Thanks for your generosity.

A blessed, joyful, holy Christmas to you and all those you love.

Please keep praying for our Good Counsel mothers and babies, too.

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