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A Real Holiday for the First Time

Tricia A. Christ
Tricia A. Christ
December 19, 2019

Holidays can be a rough time for some Good Counsel residents. The transition from being homeless to having a safe, secure place to live can take a little time and trust. Due to the environment that they came from, some residents had never celebrated any holiday and possibly never felt that holidays were anything but another day on the calendar.

It is for those precise reasons that Good Counsel staff and volunteers like to make a big deal out of holidays, and Thanksgiving is no exception! It’s usually one of the favorite days of the year in our homes. Because they know have a real home with a real family, celebrating and giving thanks becomes much more meaningful to the moms. 

Like in most homes, Thanksgiving is all about the food at Good Counsel! Because we serve women from so many varied cultural backgrounds, the Thanksgiving feast is typically eclectic and delicious, with each mom adding her touch to the menu. Being introduced to new foods is always exciting, as well as sharing favorite picks.

This year there was Jerk Turkey and carrots with ginger. One of our moms made mac’n cheese for the very first time, and she was proud when it turned out well. Even though they take part in preparing for the holiday, most moms are in awe of the abundance of food and drink when it’s finally time to sit down and share the feast. All the moms and babies, older children, volunteers, and staff gather around the table and remember what the holiday is about – gratitude. They express gratitude for blessings given and for lives saved. 

The aunt of one of our house managers came to cook for everyone when some staff were away and couldn’t be there to help. She made everything! There was so much food that there were plenty of leftovers through Monday.

The day was complete with prayer and games and, and sharing what they were thankful for. One home decided to celebrate all of their November birthdays on Thanksgiving too! Birthday cake is a fantastic addition to the dessert choices. The day is also fun as residents begin decking the halls of each home to get ready for the next holiday – Christmas! 

Thank you for your faithful and generous support, which has allowed the mothers in our care to feel, most for the first time, what a holiday truly is with a family and a home. You've given them loving and tangible experiences that they will take with them when they leave Good Counsel to begin their new life.

With Christmas coming so quickly - won’t you help make Christmas miracles possible with a gift today? Your may provide a very first Christmas for a child, and a Christmas like no other for a mom.

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