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Abortion Affects Everybody, Yet Hope Remains

Theresa Bonapartis
Theresa Bonapartis
September 20, 2019

The aftermath of abortion leaves many casualties in its wake, first and foremost, the unborn child who will never be born and the mother, whose life is forever changed.  Fortunately, there has been hope and healing for post-abortive women for quite some time now including Lumina, the post-abortive healing ministry of Good Counsel, Entering Canaan, Project Rachel & Rachel’s Vineyard and many others who reveal to the grieving mother the ocean of mercy before her even though she has had an abortion.

But, what about the father? The surface of abortions impact on fathers is just beginning to be scratched revealings layers and layers of wounded men who have lost their child to abortion, some who knew about the abortion, perhaps encouraged it or paid for it, and the men who never knew about it, who never had the chance to try to save their child.  Lumina offers a ministry for men suffering from losing a child to abortion.  Lumina has offered several men’s “Days of Hope and Healing,” as well as weekend retreats.  The next men’s retreat day is scheduled for Saturday, November 16th in Paterson, NJ.  The Rev. Mariusz Koch, of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, will be the spiritual director that day.  If you or someone you know is suffering from abortion, please call 877-886-4621 to speak to someone about the retreat.  All calls are confidential.

Please share this information with anyone you know who may be suffering.  There is hope.  There is healing.

Visit the Lumina Website for more information on hope and healing after abortion and to read the testimonies of those who have begun their journey of healing.

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