Pregnant? Need Help?

Annual Award Gala

Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell
December 30, 2022

“Christ is the reason for the season! Amidst the festivities, there is a constant prayer of someone, somewhere. That constant prayer is a never changing cry for help,” said Beverly Hines, together with her 7-year-old daughter.

Beverly and her daughter, born at a Good Counsel home, proclaimed this need to more than 120 people at Good Counsel’s Annual Award Gala.

She added, “We all need love. Love is what propels us to answer the voice of someone, somewhere, crying out for help.”

Beverly explained, “I got tangled among the weeds in life and felt like I was in a bind.” Fortunately, she found Good Counsel many years ago through a simple phone search for pregnant moms needing help. Then and now, thousands of women search online or call our national helpline.

As Beverly concluded, “Today, I speak at the Annual Awards and use this opportunity to gratefully appreciate all the donors and families who continuously stand by keeping the doors of Good Counsel homes open. Thank you for caring and sharing. Thank you for the furniture, the baby clothes, and the financial contributions that ensure heat, hot water, and nourishment are available. Thank you for thinking of us in trying times. The least of these.”

Thank you for your faithful partnership in 2022. Together, in 2023, we will once again transform the lives of two generations at a time.

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