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Good Counsel Babies of Quarantine: Nathan's Story

Samantha Elbertson
Samantha Elbertson
July 10, 2020

The human spirit has proven itself resilient time and time again. It is our prayer that all of you, our loving supporters, have found in this time of quarantine some quiet moments in which your hearts and spirits were stirred. God performs miracles every day in our Good Counsel homes. These past four months proved no different in that respect. Amongst the little ways we see the glory of Our Father we were also blessed with ten big miracles of life.

Ten beautiful little boys and girls were born and ten gorgeous and empowered daughters of God entered into motherhood. Mothers and babies bonded in newborn bliss impervious to the chaos of the world outside. Labor and delivery proved new and challenging with hospital regulations and limits on support people. In most cases, pregnant women were not allowed to have a support person at all. But small miracles like house managers securing access made way for bigger miracles like the birth story of baby Nathan.

On Sunday, April 5th, Good Counsel mom, Kellin rode to the hospital with Riverside house manager Ms. Dominique. Dominique knew support persons were not likely permitted due to the risk of contracting COVID19. Kellin was afraid of labor, an anxiety to which all first time moms can relate, but she was also afraid of the unknown, having her baby in a hospital treating patients with this new and scary virus and being all alone. Through the grace of God, Dominique was granted access to accompany Kellin to her room and help ease some of her fears. Planning on being there an hour, Dominique made sure mom had ice chips, pillows and remembered her breathing. The doctors decided Kellin needed to be induced and Ms. Dominique agreed to stay the night. Thanks be to God she did.

In the morning Kellin measured 7 cm, and the doctors said they would be back in a little while as they had another mom ready to deliver down the hall. No sooner did they leave, mom felt the need to push. Ms. Dominique told her to wait, and went in search of a doctor or nurse. After a few minutes and a few thousand pushes of the nurse call button, Kellin could not hold off any longer. "Ms. Dominique, I have to push!" Dominique could see that time was up and baby was coming whether there was a doctor in the room or not. Dominique stuck her head out of the door and called for the doctor once more. By the time she turned back to Kellin, baby Nathan was already halfway out, his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. She could tell right away he was turning blue. Springing into action, Dominique held the baby and untangled the cord, coaching mom during her final pushes. By the time the doctor made it back to the room, Ms. Dominique and Kellin had a gorgeous and healthy baby boy in their arms.

Dominique is a seasoned mother of five, but this was her first time ever delivering a baby. Weighing 8lbs and 14ozs, baby Nathan is a miracle. He and Kellin (and Ms. Dominique) have a story they will remember forever, a true testament to the love our Good Counsel staff have for the moms in their care, and the love God has for all of us placing the exact right person in our lives when we need them.

Not all stories of labor and delivery are as dramatic a tale but they are no less impactful on the lives they touch. Each baby, each person has a God given purpose, no matter how they were conceived. And the ripple effect each person has on all of humanity is incalculable.

During this pandemic and tumultuous time, especially in NYC, the epicenter of both the virus outbreak and oppressive abortion laws, mothers have been fed the lie by media and their own government that it was unsafe to have their babies now. To believe that external earthly circumstances somehow negate the power and creation of the Almighty Father is such small thinking. Many have lost sight of the truth that we are made in the image and likeness of God and have been granted a most holy duty, sharing in creation with Our Father.

As we know from the story of Esther, we are all born "for such a time as this." As a Christian people we know all people are born with purpose and in the order of God's own time. I speak for all of Good Counsel when I say we cannot wait to see how these ten little lives will change and bless our world. Please join us in prayer as we lift up our babies and moms of quarantine. Heavenly Father, we pray you strengthen and fortify these little souls for the road ahead. We pray that wherever their path may lead they never forget they are daughters and sons of the Most High, a truth no earthly chaos can erase.

Please pray for the Good Counsel "Babies of Quarantine":

• Daniel, born 3/1 to our Bronx Home

• Joy, born 3/4 to our Spring Valley Home

• Semaya-Lee, born 3/10 to our Staten Island Home

• Zacharia, born 3/10 to our Staten Island Home

• Nathan, born 4/6 to our Riverside Home

• Leilani, born 4/17 to our Spring Valley Home

• Kayden, born 5/1 to our Bronx Home

• Azure, born 5/15 to our Staten Island Home

• Michael, born 6/2 to our Bronx Home

• Tru, born 6/3 to our Staten Island Home

And if you find yourself able to donate on a monthly basis for the needs of our homes, please follow this link. Remember God will never be outdone in generosity!

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