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Compassionate Fatherhood

Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell
June 18, 2023

Our Father in Heaven certainly has blessed me with many good men in my life. I couldn’t pay enough tribute to all these good men, starting with my own father.

Dad didn't graduate high school but certainly was summa cum laude from the school of hard knocks and common sense.

 His desire was to help kids in trouble. His favors for those in need had to be seen because he’d never talk about them.

That opened the door of my heart to see goodness in others.

 He was thrilled when Good Counsel opened a home. He gave a lot. Not only did he contribute to keeping washers and dryers going (as that aligned with his business), but he also provided financial support and encouraged others to do the same.

 A lifelong Knight of Columbus, he rallied them to our side early on, and that support still remains strong. He encouraged me (I still hear his voice) to ask priests and other people whom he knew would be supportive.

Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR, was another man God sent to me, who wanted to help others, often at great cost to himself. How blessed to be close enough to him and have his help to start Good Counsel.

Fr. Benedict remained close until he entered Eternal Life. His wise guidance and counsel have been invaluable, and it’s easy to still see and hear him on EWTN, through his tapes and many books.

 They’re both deeply in my heart. I pray to be more like them.

About Good fathers – like those I’ve had – Shakespeare writes, “tis a happy thing / To be the father unto many sons.” 

This year, why don't we take some time to reflect on what makes our dad, and those who’ve been so special like a father to us, special in the eyes of God.

Our Father in Heaven certainly blessed me greatly with these two men. There are many others, too many to begin to mention, who have also helped fill the gaps.

 Maybe you have such a man or men in your life. Men the Lord placed there at the right moment, for the right direction.

 This is a time, especially in prayer, to thank the Lord.

Oh Father in Heaven, thank you
for the fathers here on earth
who watched over me, guided me, protected me,
supported me, corrected me, confronted me
and consoled me.
You gave them life and strength and wisdom
For me and for those whom they fathered.
Please Lord continue to give them life and strength and wisdom
Here on Earth and in Eternity with You.
I loved them, maybe not always as I should have,
But may this love grow in time, and with appreciation, grow in wisdom.
May this humble prayer reach them and lift them ever closer to You,
Our All Loving, Merciful and Eternal Father in Heaven.

In Christ,

Chris Bell +

President & Co-Founder of Good Counsel

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