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Family that Prays Together

Samantha Elbertson
Samantha Elbertson
July 28, 2023

Organizational-wide meetings hold significant importance for non-profits as they play a crucial role in fostering unity, addressing concerns effectively, and advancing the organization's mission. Good Counsel’s quarterly gatherings bring together staff from all four homes, our marketing and communications teams from Secaucus, as well as those who work remotely, creating a platform for open communication, collaboration, and in-person prayer. “It is important to learn about all the people you are working with and also understand their roles," commented a member of our communications staff.

Led by newly minted CEO, Jo-Ann Venezia, this quarter’s organizational-wide meeting, held early June, was a balance in fellowship and practical information necessary to the health of each home. A wide range of topics were presented, and our staff participated in team building exercises throughout the day. One important take away was the NARCAN presentation from Recovery Center for Change in which all teams learned about the life saving drug, and how to recognize and respond to an overdose. Another important presentation was from Lumina, founder Theresa Bonapartis trained all staff in post-abortive care for those mothers who come to us after suffering a previous abortion.

A crucial element to every meeting is attending mass together. The intentions of staff, residents and faithful donors are brought to the altar with expectant hope of fortifying our mission. After all, the family that prays together, stays together. To quote a staff member from the Bronx home, "I loved the Mass. It was a chance for everyone to reflect on what we do and the mission of the program."

Good Counsel’s quarterly meetings are invaluable in promoting unity, addressing concerns, and advancing our mission: to provide homes + hope for +babies + women. By facilitating open communication, collaboration, and shared understanding, we prayerfully continue to foster a sense of God-centered purpose and family among team members.

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