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Feed the Need: Coronavirus Response

Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell
April 22, 2020

UPDATE 4/25/20: We have an amazing matching grant! Double Your Impact!

During our first virtual event last Saturday, a generous supporter pledged to match all donations up to $10,000, but only for a limited time.

Feed the Need is a great opportunity to help our moms and babies during this difficult time and double your gift!


Shelter in Place means that our mothers are not able to attend classes or go to work.

At Good Counsel, our professional staff is finding ways to keep our mothers focused on financial stability, fortifying their parental skills and making good life choices, even during this pandemic.

Good Counsel is utilizing all of its resources in making sure the moms and children in its care are receiving nutritious meals and snacks during this time of social distancing and shelter in place.

One of the consequences of our moms staying at home 24 hours a day is the grocery bill has increased overall by about 50%, even 100% in some of our homes.  
We need your help!

If your circumstances allow, please consider a gift of $50 to help Good Counsel meet the increasing demand for food and beverages. Our moms and babies depend on Good Counsel, and Good Counsel depends on you to be able to fulfill its mission of helping homeless, pregnant mothers.  

If you are currently donating monthly, please consider increasing your amount by $10 or whatever you are able to do during this crisis. Every bit helps.  

Thank you for your generosity.

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