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Happy Thanksgiving to Our Friends & Family

Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell
November 23, 2017

Dear Good Counsel Friends & Family,

God bless you for being part of the Good Counsel family. Today our Good Counsel family includes Mary’s Shelter on the Gulf Coast and Malta House in Connecticut.  Now,  I have to share with you some special gifts.

First, Judy, who is really speaking for scores of others, had this to say about a day not long past:

"Thanksgiving Day was so amazing. I enjoyed every moment of it at Good Counsel. The staff made sure we had everything we wanted and even more, they made us feel like we are a big family. Everyone felt like they were at home. This is my first thanksgiving that I ever enjoyed so much, especially with my daughter. The food was great! I’m thankful for Good Counsel."

Second, you can see and hear moms and staff THANK YOU in this short video.

Third, and most importantly, the Eucharist is the great Thanksgiving, and on this Thanksgiving, as on every day, I join in the celebration of Jesus’ Last Supper; I thank God for you. You are a member of the Good Counsel family for babies, before and after birth, their moms, and all of us sharing in God’s love and mercy and compassion.

Together, let us Thank the Lord for He is Good, for His Love endures forever (Psalm 107).

Christopher Bell +

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