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Joy and Faithfulness

Samantha Elbertson
Samantha Elbertson
December 25, 2023

As we gather around the Christmas trees and their flickering lights within Good Counsel's four maternity homes, there's a palpable sense of joy and warmth in the air. The Christmas season has arrived, and within the walls of our sanctuaries, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and His spirit of love, compassion, and togetherness.

Christmas Mass in Riverside Home

Christmas Mass is a highlight for our residents, providing a spiritual anchor in the midst of their challenging journeys. The beautiful hymns, the lit candles, and the shared prayers create a serene atmosphere that brings peace to the hearts of our mothers-to-be. It's a time to reflect on the blessings of life and the hope that the birth of Christ brings to all.

The excitement reaches its peak for the children when Santa pays a visit to our homes, spreading cheer and joy to both mothers and their soon-to-arrive bundles of joy. The sparkle in the eyes of our residents is priceless as Santa hands out gifts, each carefully chosen to bring a smile to the faces of our mothers and their little ones.

Pajama parties and Christmas movie nights add a touch of fun and relaxation to the festive season. Laughter echoes through the hallways as our mothers share stories, exchange experiences, and build lasting bonds with one another. These moments of camaraderie create a sense of family, reminding everyone that they are not alone on this journey.

Christmas Brunch is a feast is prepared with love; house managers and staff, more like mothers, sisters and best friends, recreate the magic of their own family Christmas for the moms and babies in their care. It's not just a meal; it's a celebration of abundance and generosity, a reminder that during this season of giving, our mothers are truly cherished.

Gift exchanges bring smiles and tears of gratitude. The joy of receiving a thoughtful present, perhaps something from a wishlist, goes beyond material value. It symbolizes the support and love our residents have found within the Good Counsel community. These gifts, sponsored by generous donors and volunteers, bring a touch of magic to the lives of previously homeless moms and their babies who might not have experienced the joy of Christmas otherwise.

In the heart of it all are the volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time and resources to sponsor families and fulfill Christmas wishlists. Their kindness becomes a beacon of hope, a tangible expression of the love that this season is all about. To our volunteers, we extend our deepest gratitude for being the hands and feet of Christ during this special time.

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, we pause to thank the Lord for His faithfulness and the countless blessings He has bestowed upon us. The Christmas season at Good Counsel is a testament to the power of love and community, and we are immensely grateful to our donors for always coming through to make this time of year special for our moms and babies.

May the spirit of Christmas continue to shine brightly in our homes, filling the hearts of our residents with love, peace, and the knowledge that they are cherished members of the Good Counsel family. Merry Christmas to all, and may the blessings of this season be with you and your loved ones!

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