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Samantha Elbertson
Samantha Elbertson
December 27, 2021

Good Counsel was featured in a great article about the important work of maternity homes in this country.

Pro-life centers aim to offer hope for every woman in crisis pregnancy

By Christina Lee Knauss | Catholic News Service

"Since 1996, Tere Haring of San Antonio has been waging a war against abortion, fighting it one package of diapers and one rent check at a time.

Haring is the founder and executive director of Allied Women’s Center, a pro-life pregnancy care center that provides help with housing costs as well as diapers, baby clothes and other supplies for women facing unplanned pregnancies in San Antonio and other areas in south Texas.

She founded Allied 25 years ago because of a deep-seated commitment to the pro-life movement rooted in her strong Catholic faith — and also because she believes that those who oppose abortion should be prepared to assist women who choose life for their babies.

“A lot of women who show up at abortion clinics are not bent on having an abortion — they’re just desperate,” Haring told Catholic News Service. “I always felt that many women got abortions because they felt the lack of a choice — that they had no outs, nobody to care for them.

“I thought that we could save more babies by offering women the help they needed.”

Services offered by programs such as Haring’s could be needed more than ever in the near future depending on what the Supreme Court decides next year."

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