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Our Moms Say Thank You on Thanksgiving!

Tricia A. Christ
Tricia A. Christ
November 27, 2019

Thank You on Thanksgiving!

For many Good Counsel mothers, Thanksgiving can serve as a painful reminder of family that isn’t there for them.  It may also bring up memories of spending holidays on the street, sleeping on a bench, or being turned away again and again from shelters.  Because of you, our mothers never have to feel despair on a holiday and Thanksgiving is a big deal here!  It’s a time for our mothers, their babies and children, staff, and volunteers to come together as a family and celebrate, in gratitude, for all that they have been given.

Because of you, warm light glows from the windows of a Good Counsel home while our moms enjoy a bountiful holiday.

You brought them home for the holidays.

On Thanksgiving Day, as you celebrate our Lord’s blessings with your own loved ones, know that you have given a mother and her baby cause to give thanks – you’ve welcomed them home for the holidays!

Thank you for making their Thanksgiving a joyous occasion!  Please enjoy this video of some of our moms who wanted to thank you themselves!

As a thank you, please enjoy a free Advent email series with reflections written by our Good Counsel staff. We hope this series enhances and inspires your “Journey Towards the Light” this Advent. Click here to sign up for our Advent series!

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