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Samantha Elbertson
Samantha Elbertson
February 9, 2024

When your “WHY” is so strong it attracts the best most genuine people. This past week Good Counsel's development team met at the Secaucus offices to connect, collaborate and unite in prayer for the year ahead. It is always our prayer to do the Lord's will in order to bring as many souls to Him in order to give Him all due glory. The way in which we are called to do that within the pro-life movement is to be the hands and feet of Christ for moms and their babies.

As secular society continues to double down on the lie of oppression, telling women they are weak and their God given vocation as feminine and fertile is somehow bondage, we are standing firm with outstreched arms ready to support every and any pregnant mother who needs support. In order to be successful we need a specific and multi faceted outreach program. In 2024, it is our prayer to grow our outreach in person, one heart and mind at a time, as well as online.

I’m so grateful to have spent time in NJ discussing all the ways we can develop and collaborate in 2024 to help more homeless moms choose life, breaking cycles of poverty and abuse for themselves and their children.

I ask you now to be a part of our mission. Every one of us has a "platform" whether we have 2 followers or 2 million, we have a voice. We are called by our good God to speak truth.

Please follow all our online efforts, share our posts, subscribe to our podcast "MotherhoodAND" and watch and share with friends.

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Put the hotline number and help website in your phone so you can pull out the information if ever God uses you as a channel of His mercy for a woman in need.

1-800-723-8331 and

Most of all, be confident that Good Counsel is ready, willing and able to help a mom in every way. From simply dropping off diapers to a woman in need, to welcoming a mom into our homes and walking with her through pregnancy postpartum and beyond, we are here. Spread this news so everyone may know the hope and wholeness that is available.

God is so good, merciful and faithful. Please pray for the Good Counsel Development team. The work is very challenging, but I cannot imagine a greater cause.

On that note, we are hiring! As our occupancy levels grow, our staffing needs do as well. We have openings in every position from administrative to social work to child care to home maintenance. Message us HERE for more information on how YOU can be involved in our WHY

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