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Pregnant, Homeless in the Snow

Samantha Elbertson
Samantha Elbertson
March 17, 2021

Jessica delivered a child this past January and had no place to go. She was staying with the family of the father of her child when she was told she had to leave. She wasn’t allowed back in the house to even pack up her things, including the baby's winter clothes. In the snow, she cuddled her baby tightly in her jacket and on public transportation sought shelter in the house of an acquaintance who then called us. Jessica and her daughter now sleep soundly and warmly in a room of their own in one of Good Counsel’s 4 homes.

This time last year, many of the moms now in Good Counsel’s care were on the streets, cold and scared. Pregnant and sleeping on a couch of a friend-of-a-friend until they were kicked out and left hopeless. But by the grace of God, they found Good Counsel.

In rolled 2021 with a lot of snow, freezing temperatures, and higher than anticipated winter bills. With a total of 21 pregnant and nursing women and 13 babies in our care this winter, we are making every effort to provide them with a safe and comfortable environment in which to grow, nurture, and be nurtured.

By the end of March, we expect a $15,000 overall increase in our winter utilities. If you, our generous donors, defenders of the unborn and all God's creation, would each pledge a gift of $50 we could meet this growing need.

Too often donating to a non-profit does not go directly to the cause you hope to impact. But not at Good Counsel. Every gift goes directly to stocking the shelves, rising heat and hot water bills, and extra warm bunting and clothing for our babies and toddlers. So please give generously, give from the heart.

Our moms and babies are so grateful to be out of the cold, sleeping in their warm beds instead of a street corner or car, unsure where the next night would take them, or at whose mercy they’d find themselves. But we can only make this happen with your support.

From the warmth of your own home, please follow the link below and prayerfully give heat to moms and babies most in need.


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