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Top 5 Good News Updates from Good Counsel

Tricia A. Christ
Tricia A. Christ
June 21, 2017

Once a week our House Managers gather with administrative personnel on a teleconference where news from each individual Good Counsel home is shared.  It’s a productive meeting where joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams, and challenges are shared and accomplishments are celebrated.  It offers the chance to collaborate, share positive outcomes, and ask for prayers.  The notes from just one of our weekly meetings offer both a broad and intricate picture of our mission statement in action.

Here are the top 5 updates from this week’s teleconference…

1.  A mom in Good Counsel Mary’s Shelter is on her way to a new life! 25-year-old Amanda will move into her own apartment this week with her 7-month-old son, Isaiah.  Isaiah was born with clubbed feet and has been a trooper with braces on his legs, but they don’t keep him from moving!  Amanda has a secure job and is looking toward the future with hope.  She plans to come back to the home and be a mentor to the other moms who reside there.  Way to go Amanda!

2.  We are anxiously waiting on a baby boom with five moms at one home due to give birth within the next couple of weeks. Five!  Stay tuned for news and updates on their arrivals.

3.  A new mom who is just settling in was saved from living on the streets with her 3 month old baby. Good Counsel staff is working with her, scheduling appointments for her to receive proper health care for herself and her baby.  Despite the dire circumstances that brought her to our door, she maintains a positive outlook!  Praise God!

4.  One home, at the request of the residents, is planning a 4th of July BBQ for families. The moms really wanted to have a picnic at the home so they could invite their families to visit them to see what they are accomplishing, and to spend time together.  Stay tuned for pictures.

5.  A birthday celebration was underway at another home, celebrating a mom’s 33rd birthday! She and her 6-month-old baby enjoyed the day which ended with Mass in the evening.

Only 5 updates are highlighted here, but every day at Good Counsel there are highlights to be celebrated in big and small ways.  Of course there are days that seem far from a celebration, but our moms persevere on their journey to a new life with the encouragement and support of our caring staff and faithful volunteers.

Please pray for all of us here and be assured of our prayers for all of you.

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