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What’s the Good News at Good Counsel?

Tricia A. Christ
Tricia A. Christ
December 19, 2019

Each week our House Managers get together via teleconference to share what’s going on in their home. We share joys and sorrows, worries, and prayer.  But each week, we are reminded while listening to each house manager, just how much good has been done in the past week, how many obstacles were overcome, how many plans were made and goals were set, how many prayers have been answered, and what we need to continue to pray for.  

There is never a dull moment at “the inn” of Good Counsel, but each time a new baby arrives and the new mom is hopeful and prepared for the next best step – it does feel like there’s a star shining above each of our homes illuminating just how precious our work is and the mothers and children entrusted to our care.  

Here are just a few highlights from recent house manager meetings.

  • All of our homes had a wonderful Thanksgiving complete with turkey and all the trimmings. Because our homes are filled with women from so many varied cultural backgrounds, some of the homes enjoyed preparing and sharing delicious ethnic foods.
  • Decorating for Christmas has begun in the homes, little by little, as anyone who has small children knows, these things don’t happen without a lot of interruptions!
  • Several moms have been on job interviews for promising positions and are either now working or waiting to hear if they got the job! Please keep our moms in prayer who are looking for work.
  • There is a mom who is preparing for baptism which is scheduled for April of the new year.
  • All of the babies recently born are home and doing very well.
  • There is one baby who is still in the hospital for some complications, but she should be home with her mom before Christmas, please pray for her!
  • We have had quite a few calls from homeless, pregnant mothers from out-of-state.  If we aren’t able to get them here to us, we do work with them to try to connect them to resources in their area who can help just as we would.
  • Most of the moms are attending Life Skills classes or one-on-one counseling to ensure that life outside of Good Counsel will be successful and sustainable.

Whew! And that’s just one week’s worth of reporting from the House Managers! There is a lot going on at all times at Good Counsel 24/7, 365. As we prepare to more forward into 2020, we ask for your continued prayers and support so we can always have good news to report!

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