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A New Resource For Pregnant Women in Need

Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell
June 1, 2021

A new web page offers current information on maternity homes throughout the United States for homeless pregnant women today.  

Anyone looking for a maternity home can simply go to:  

 Good Counsel homes and programs for mothers and babies, urgently wants pregnant women to know there is real hope and concrete help available now across the United States.

“No pregnant mom should be homeless, ever!” said Sandra Jones, Good Counsel’s CEO, who’s been at the charity for 26 years.

 Regarding the new website, she said, “This is one simple tool any pregnant mother can use on her phone, anytime, to find not just shelter, but a home in the middle of the storm when she has no one to care for her.”

 She added, “We have not, and will not, shut out women in need even during critical times.”  That included remaining open and operating during the height of government shut downs at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in New York and New Jersey, where Good Counsel has 4 homes.

 Good Counsel’s national telephone helpline (1.800.723.8331) is operating 24/7. Last year more than 2,000 calls and online requests for help came from pregnant moms and families. More than 42,000 people have been assisted through this help line since it began during April, 1996. Good Counsel networks with other maternity homes around the nation in order to assist women.

 Good Counsel is one of the largest maternity home networks in the nation.  Good Counsel’s homes are in and around New York City and one outside Camden, New Jersey. Good Counsel has helped to open 11 similar homes in nine states, and continues to offer guidance and other assistance for people interested in opening maternity homes based on the Good Counsel model.

 “No matter what, Good Counsel will assist any woman who’s pregnant and in need,”says Christopher Bell, co-founder and president of the non-profit organization. “Our first home opened 36 years ago because there was no place for a homeless mother and child to find a bridge from the streets or couch hopping, to a stable, secure life.”

 In Good Counsel’s four homes, women will find a safe and secure learning environment. Women who come in homeless, pregnant, without a high school diploma will receive help returning to school and finding a job. In fact any mother, whether she’s accompanied by her other children, or even struggling with addiction or mental health issues, regardless of where she is from, will receive assistance.

 Good Counsel’s mission to serve homeless pregnant women and their children has continued since 1985, reaching thousands of mothers and babies. Co-founded in 1985 by the Rev. Benedict Groeschel, CFR, a noted preacher and psychologist, Good Counsel has served more than 8,000 mothers and children, providing more than 758,400 nights of shelter.

 Ideally, mothers stay in the program for up to a year, in order to reap the maximum benefits of our Life Skills Program. Staff and volunteers teach these program courses, which focus on nutrition, spirituality, health and chastity, social skills, computer education and more. Assistance is given in parenting, job skills, career placement and personal budgeting.

 The new national maternity home webpage gives women an instant opportunity to find a home, anytime, no matter where they are in the continental United States and Hawaii:


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