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Celebrating with Cardinal Dolan in Spring Valley

Tricia A. Christ
Tricia A. Christ
December 27, 2019

On Sunday, December 15th, St. Joseph’s Church in Spring Valley, New York, marked their 125th anniversary as a parish! For the past 33 years of those 125, Good Counsel’s Spring Valley home has operated out of the former convent at St. Joseph’s. The current resident moms and babies at Spring Valley were invited to the celebration and were thrilled to go!  St. Joseph’s was also celebrating the installation of their pastor and the merger between two parishes which will undoubtedly lead to an even more vibrant and thriving faith community.

The community and Good Counsel’s moms and babies, were blessed to take part, especially with Cardinal Dolan as the celebrant for the Mass. Cardinal Dolan has been a staunch supporter of Good Counsel and has called out Good Counsel as an alternative to abortion on several occasions. Cardinal Dolan has also visited the South Jersey Good Counsel home where he was was able to spend some time with the moms and babies offering his support, encouragement, and blessing. In 2015, Good Counsel honored Cardinal Dolan with the 2015 Father Benedict Groeschel Award.

Good Counsel's Board member, Jo-Ann Venezia, an active member of St. Joseph's, has been instrumental for many years helping the moms and babies in Spring Valley to enjoy a long and fruitful relationship with the St. Joseph community. We are grateful for the Church of St. Joseph for providing us a home and helping the moms and babies of Good Counsel in the past three decades both spiritually and materially.

Please enjoy some photos from this splendid occasion!

Cardinal Dolan stops to bless a Good Counsel mom and her infant at St. Joseph's Church in Spring Valley, NY
Cardinal Dolan offers words of encouragement to a Good Counsel mom.

 If you would like to help the moms and babies of Good Counsel, please click here to find how!

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