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Giving Back

Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell
September 1, 2022

Thanks to the generous donations to Good Counsel, moms and babies in all of our homes are able to have blessed holidays. From presents at Christmas time, to thoughtful and personalized gifts on Mother’s Day; Good Counsel residents never miss out. But following their own overflows, the residents of the Bronx Home wanted to do more than just receive, they wanted to give back.

Overseen by the Bronx House Manager, Ms. Faye, the residents of the Bronx home thought to give back to local food pantries in their area. On a quiet week day morning, they prepared gift bags filled with nonperishable items to share with others in need.

After discussing how to be a blessing, even when you need a blessing, the moms talked about their own experiences with food pantries and how good it felt to give back. They prayed over the bags collectively. The canned goods, soups, cereals and pantry items were shared with POTS (Part of the Solution) food pantry in the Bronx and the Supportive Children Advocacy Network. As is taught to children and mothers alike in our homes, sharing is caring.

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