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January Baby Update

Samantha Elbertson
Samantha Elbertson
February 1, 2023

Good Counsel’s mission to serve homeless single pregnant women and their children has continued for 38 years, reaching thousands of mothers and babies. Co-founded in 1985 by the Rev. Benedict Groeschel, CFR, and Christopher Bell, Good Counsel has served more than 8,200 mothers and children, providing more than 774,607 nights and days of help. To date 1,291 babies have been born to Good Counsel mothers since the first home opened in Hoboken, NJ. Last year, in 2022, twenty-seven babies were born to mothers living at Good Counsel, including two sets of twins.

January started off with a boom! Five new babies for 2023.

Their names are:

Baby Noah, born on January 3

Thiana Mishelle, born January 14

Elijah Gabriel, born January 21

Alberto, born January 25

& Cedric, born January 31.  


All of us at Good Counsel would like to thank you for your support and prayers. Because of your generosity we were able to hold the hand of every pregnant woman who came to us through their pregnancy, delivery and postpartum bonding. And with your continued support, 3 tiny new lives so far this year are growing up safe and strong and loved not only by their mothers, but by Good Counsel house managers, resident advisors and child care professionals whom work selflessly in each of our homes setting the foundation for each child.

We know that these early days, weeks and months can be crucial in making sure children are not just properly nourished, but truly thriving. After a period of bonding, mothers ease back into their own lives. They are continuing education, applying for jobs and learning new skill sets essential for home ownership and parenting.

Please keep in your prayers all of Good Counsel's mothers, currently 29 reside in our homes, and pray for all our babies, especially these new additions. Pray for them regularly, and consider a recurring donation to support mothers and children pregnant, parenting and in need.

Baby Alberto
Baby Cedric
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