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Motherhood: Welcome to Life

Samantha Elbertson
Samantha Elbertson
May 16, 2023

Is it enough that women say no to abortion? Is it enough to shelter and feed pregnant women in need? Choosing life is more than choosing birth. Choosing LIFE is choosing fullness and abundance; it is to hope and trust in God’s providence. In union with the Holy Spirit, we say to every mother who comes through our doors, welcome to LIFE.

For an unplanned pregnancy, for a woman homeless or abused, what does this look like? At Good Counsel, it looks like a holistic approach and a wealth of resources available to aid each unique woman on her God-given path:

  • Healthcare and mental health programs
  • Skills classes in parenting, budgeting, and spiritual growth
  • Certifications and continuing education
  • Childcare
  • Building a savings account
  • A home and a family
  • A support system for life

The passionate women who take on the house manager role at Good Counsel do so much more than their title declares. “House Mother” might be more appropriate as each of our managers and aides take women and children in as their own, care for and support them, and, just as importantly, celebrate them.

Through baby showers to first birthdays and every holiday and achievement, residents at Good Counsel are part of a family. That means decorations and presents and home-cooked meals; skills taught, recipes shared, women in the kitchen together preparing meals, sharing stories of generations past and hopes for their future. And of all the celebrations, Mother’s Day is never outdone.

Mother’s Day is a poignant time in our homes when women who were once told by our culture they could not and should not be mothers are celebrated by that same culture for their motherhood. This truth is not lost on the women at Good Counsel. And every year we celebrate LIFE. Moms are treated to various specialty foods, events, and gifts: mommy and me photo shoots, makeovers, spa days, gift baskets, baby showers, breakfasts, brunches, lunches, and dinners. Parishes and community groups gather and celebrate our moms and their role as mothers.

As fun as it is to shower our moms with gifts and praise on this day, at Good Counsel, we see every day as “Mother’s Day” because telling our mothers of their dignity and purpose is necessary every day. And our prayer is that all mothers everywhere are respected and honored for their role as life-givers and nurturers, not just today but every day. God bless the mothers.

Mother's Day 2023, Bronx House
Mother's Day 2023, Bronx House
Mother's Day 2023, Bronx House

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