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Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell
September 9, 2020

In college with a scholarship and looking with hope toward a future in law.

Caught up with all the pressure and pleasures of student life, Fabiola became pregnant.

“What was I thinking!” she says with tears.

Enraged, disappointed parents kicked her out.

The father of her baby wanted nothing to do with her or his child.

I have to think that Jesus was talking about us: “I tell you, it will be more acceptable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the Day of Judgment than for that town.” (Matthew 10:15 )

She had relatives in New York and scrapped together a plane ticket to find hope. Her warm welcome didn’t last long. “I had no food. They all worked. They showed they really didn’t want me.”

Desperate: “I went to the emergency rooms of hospitals to say my stomach hurt, just to have a place to stay for a few hours…sometimes I’d get some food there…finally I broke down in tears and told a doctor I have no place.”

“They sent me to a shelter where I could stay one month after my baby was born…then they called Good Counsel. In one day, I was here in my own room, with plenty of food!”

Good Counsel is often not just the last place for a mom and baby in need, it is not just the only place, it is the best place. You make it that way because your support allows me to tell any pregnant, homeless mom, even a mom who just gave birth and has no other place, “This is your home.”

Good Counsel survives with God’s grace and your support. This month I will need $395,145 to keep the doors open, lights on, and food on the table. Every mom, like Fabiola, who is in need has the opportunity to return to school, find a job and take those next good steps in her life.

What you give will help Fabiola continue on a really good road now.

“I’m learning here. Sometimes . . . they are talking about my situation though they don’t know it, but the class really helped me. One topic was post-partum depression.”

She said the night before this class, she was crying and feeling worthless. In looking at the notes she was given about the class, she felt that everything they were talking about was specific to her situation.

“First God showed them how to help me. In the papers [class notes] it gave good advice.” She later added, “I want to become a lawyer… I know you’ll help me now.”

Without asking she went on: “Good Counsel, you opened a door for me; you helped me with a place to stay; when I needed help you got me on my feet. There are other women who need the same thing.”

Fabiola has an immigration issue. We work with women who have various immigration complications. We work with the Government to find what’s right for that mom. Sometimes she might return to her country. Sometimes she gets her papers and is able to work. Sometimes she begins to apply for citizenship.

She wants to continue in school. She’ll have to work. She very much hopes to become a lawyer.

You can help Fabiola, you can help other women now.

St. Paul wrote (2 Corinthians 9: 7) “God loves a cheerful giver.”

I know you are that cheerful giver. I know you want to bless the Lord by helping those most vulnerable. Please don’t wait.

Know you’re in my prayers.

Please pray. Please help today.




Christopher Bell
Co-Founder & President

P.S. Fabiola would be on the street and Lord knows what would have happened to her baby if not for you and Good Counsel. Please give for her to continue in school and to help another mom and baby today.

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