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Twins & God's Abundance

Samantha Elbertson
Samantha Elbertson
July 30, 2021

Two sets of Twins?! God’s abundance comes to mind.

It is with great joy, excitement, and abundance that we announce the birth of twins, Max and Mike, born to Staten Island home last month. And we are expecting another set of twins in Riverside in just a few short weeks! In twins, God is giving so much to our moms and to our homes.

Are we living in God’s abundance? Those of us who never experienced an unexpected pregnancy or an abusive situation may look at pregnant women seeking shelter, nourishment, and safety with pity. God, however, sees his child looking for Him. When we are uncertain about the future, uncertain which is the good path to follow, we can lean towards scarcity in life; afraid to live abundantly without being settled. Conversely, if we let go of the earthly ideal of “settled” and fully submit to Christ in our lives we should be living abundantly at all times, in all situations.

If you operate from a place of abundance, you are saying you truly believe in God’s goodness and providence. Abundance means believing that God is working for your good. No matter what is given or taken away from you, your faith will not waiver.

One of God’s blessings of abundance; abundance in all the joy a child brings into the world, is often seen as a burden. The ten tiny toes, giggles, and coos, and that newborn smell is matched with sleepless nights, financial concerns, and being totally responsible for another’s welfare. But what if we saw those burdens as part of God’s abundance as well? God’s graces flow with each and every sacrifice a mother endures for her child’s comfort; graces that mold and change the heart and soul of the mother, more closely aligning it with God’s plan and her personal path to sanctity. God is working for her good. Rejoice!

Please join us in lifting our moms in prayer that they might reflect on the moment they met their twins as a time of great abundance. We also ask for the intercession of twin Saints Cosmos and Damian, and twin Saints Benedict and Scholastica for our two sets of twins, that they grow strong in body and in faith.

And as always, Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us.

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