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Heavenly Artist from Hell’s Kitchen

Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell
December 10, 2019

Dear Friends of Good Counsel,

Good Counsel's Board holds quarterly meetings at Fr. George Rutler's rectory in Hell's Kitchen (close to where I first encountered homeless mothers in Times Square).

You won't believe what happened one time...

We usually meet in the dining room, but once it was unavailable and the pastor pointed us to an upstairs room. It appeared we were in the attic of theMetropolitan Museum of Art. Paintings were all over the place – on the large meeting table, on chairs, on the floor, and of course, on the walls. Beautiful landscapes and still lifes, every one was so indescribably striking. Then I found out these were painted by Fr. Rutler himself, a humble pastor and artist. Painting is one of his ways of relaxing, diverting his intense mind to something else.

Good Counsel is going to honor Fr. Rutler, not for his paintings, although he should be recognized for such; nor for his simply being a great priest, for which he is; but for his outstanding preaching and encouragement for life – from the moment of conception until natural death.

At Good Counsel's annual Fr. Benedict Groeschel Award Dinner, Fr. Rutler and many others will be there. I hope you can join us, too.

To reserve your tickets, click here. Please bring a friend, make new ones, come be inspired, and help support the mothers and babies of Good Counsel!


Christopher Bell
Good Counsel Homes

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