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Merry Christmas

Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell
December 25, 2019

My dear friend, it is Christmas!

Let’s remember today, most especially today, that Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, was born!

I’d like to go back to that most special moment, when God became man on a day when the Holy Spirit filled a young virgin named Mary, and to a time, in a unique, yet human way, when the Word of God became one of His creations.

It was truly an awesome, amazing, unbelievable, marvelous, unfathomable, magnificent, stunning, inspiring, secretive, breathtaking, utterly spectacular, transcendent, sublime moment.

Forever our humble mind may simply contemplate that moment of conception when Our Creator became created as you and I were. The how, the why, the what... the questions are almost as endless as the answers, as no one but God could have given us this moment.

In giving you and me this moment, we have today the truly striking birth – poor, secluded, exceptional in its lack of comfort, exposed, with animals.

Who would have known, except for the Heavenly Host announcing to the shepherds.

Who would be aware, if not for the magi with their ability to read the stars in the sky, and whom the prophet Daniel had prepared centuries before with his inspiration.

Who would have contemplated, if not that Joseph had a dream to take Mary as his wife, to love, honor, protect and provide for her and her child, Jesus.

The Son of God was in the hands of a mortal man and nursed by a woman, as fragile, as unprotected, as visible as any child in the world, perhaps more so, for the lack of means these particular parents had.

Today, in a home we call Good Counsel, a mother, with her baby, has much more protection, support and comfort, thanks to you.

Thanks to you, who have come to know that the child born in a manger in Bethlehem has given us grace and mercy and peace to share with others, most especially those who have come into the world like Him, with little materially, but with an infinite amount from the Love of God.

It is Christmas!

Merry and Blessed, Joyful and Triumphant Christmas to you!


Christopher Bell
President of Good Counsel

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