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It's Another Baby Boom at Good Counsel!

Tricia A. Christ
Tricia A. Christ
December 10, 2019

There are newborn infants in all of our homes right now! We've had quite the baby boom and if you follow us on Facebook, you've likely seen some of the announcements. We wanted to take a special time out to celebrate this infusion of life and love into the Good Counsel family. We are so excited that this year we have had 44 babies born and have also just passed the milestone of over 1,200 babies, 1,204 to be exact born since 1985.

The path that each mother took on her journey to Good Counsel was a rough road too often filled with abandonment, abuse, violence, addiction, hopelessness, and so much more tragedy. The kind of stuff that could cause a woman to turn away from life and toward an abortion clinic. But thanks to you and your generous support, our door was open when these brave women reached us. Because of you, hope grew, love bloomed, and life was celebrated.  

Enjoy this look at the most recent babies of the Good Counsel family.

If you would like to help more moms and babies, please click here to learn about the many different ways you can help!

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